Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Alarming Stat: Eating Out Boosts Obesity

According to this report from Trust for America's Health, now all but one does. So why do we keep getting bigger? Obesity experts say the link could be tied to how much you eat out. According to this article, the U.S. Department of Agriculture claims a third of the calories Americans eat come from restaurants, almost double what it was 30 years ago.

The study showed that more than half of adults eat out three times or more a week, with 12 percent eating out seven times a week - that's every day! Plus, with the added strain of financial woes, it's not surprising to see that more people are eating cheaper, which means a rise in fast-food consumption.
This isn't to say you should never eat out, but you should definitely be wary of what you're eating when you go. A plate of salmon might seem healthy on the menu, but when you don't know how much olive oil, butter, and other fatty ingredients it's being cooked in counting calories starts to get a little tricky.

Another tip? Keep in mind portion control. I was shocked to find out that a bagel 20 years ago was only three inches in diameter with 140 calories and today, are six inches with 350 calories. Just because you get a larger portion, doesn't mean you have to eat the whole thing if you're full. So how many times do you eat out a week?